Things to do

So I’m 78 days out from departure. Still plenty of time to get everything organised.

Can’t believe I booked my flight back in August. Absolute bargain at $386 one way from Melbourne to London and pretty much the whole reason why this trip got off the ground in the first place.

I’m flying with Air Asia courtesy of that super cheap flight. I’ve heard the seats don’t recline from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, and I have an 8 hour stop over before arriving in London at 10:30pm, but I can put up with a lot for what it cost me.

I am flying home with Qantas though. Wanted there to be no hassles on the way back. Plus I get 10,500 frequent flyer points!

You definitely have to shop around for your flights. I only happened to discover the Air Asia deal as I went directly to their site. Discovered by accident really. Expedia was a great resource for finding the best price for the flight home. I really wish there was an option to search Origin = Europe, Destination = Melbourne and find the best price that way. As it was I just had to keep thinking of names of cities that I might be near. In the end London was the cheapest/most convenient option for my return flight anyway. Don’t forget you can get your travel agent to match these online prices. Expedia was actually cheaper than going direct to Qantas too.

So I’ve got my flights, passport is still valid, have a backpack that I used last time, and a fairly good idea of where I’m going. All thats really left is to get my Eurail Pass, and work out what I’ll actually be doing in the places I’m visiting. I’m going to be staying in Hostels, and since I want to keep this trip pretty flexible, I won’t be booking anything until a few days in advance. Lets hope that idea turns out.

One Response to Things to do

  1. Tom says:

    Oh snap, I’ll be in London in late november, early december and will unfortunately miss you. Tragic really 🙂

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