Day 14 – Carcassonne, a kid in a castle shaped candy store!

IMGP0003I woke early this morning to take the earliest possible train to Carcassonne. I had been planning to spend a whole day here but the time table just didn’t work out. It was about 5 1/2 hours by train from Barcelona to Carcassonne. The train from Barcelona to Cerbere was really uncomfortable. Like they were taking one of their metro trains out for a spin in the country. They only way to get slightly comfortable was to put something soft behind the small of your back. Even then you were roughing it. The train from Cerbere to Carcassonne was a little more stylish and modern which made the rest of the trip fly. I closed my eyes and opened them an hour later when the conductor was prodding me going monsieur, monsieur!

IMGP0024 I arrived in Carcassonne about 12:45pm and tried to find somewhere to park my bag so I didn’t have to carry it to the castle. There was no facility at the train station and a quick look on the net told me about a hotel around the corner that would store my bag for a fee. On arriving they were shut. So I walked the 2kms to the castle carrying my 15Kgs of luggage hoofing it as fast as I could as I only had 4 hours before the train left for Marseille (which is the only place I could book a hostel).

When I finally made it to the castle I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. This place is huge. A true medieval castle. I eventually found out how to get into it, stopping along the way every now and then to take some pictures. Inside it is filled with little streets and stores with pubs and hotels and lots of dessert. If it wasn’t for the modern conveniences around ie. lights, fridges etc. You’d swear you’d stepped back in time.

The guy at the information desk was kind enough to let me leave my bag with him so that I could go and look through the chateau. I got to walk around up on the walls and then through the chateau. It was great.

IMGP0049 I spent a couple of hours in there. Had a look inside the cathedral, and walked the streets a bit.

When I finally left I had this big smile across my face. I had been looking forward to seeing this castle since I started planning this trip years ago and it definitely delivered. I’m so glad I made sure I fitted it in.

Its on to Marseille tonight for a short stopover while I’m heading through to Italy. I’ll have a night in Nice to break up the trip a bit. I can’t wait to get to Rome.

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