Day 28 – Munich to Budapest & a little Salzburg too

IMGP0873 I have to cover a whole lot of ground today. I’m travelling from Munich to Budapest and its a hell of a long way. About 7 1/2 hours all up. I’m stopping in Salzburg for a few hours along the way. I’ve been wanting to come back to Salzburg for 4 years. Its the only place I didn’t get any photos of last time as the battery in my camera went flat just as I arrived. Getting photos of the place is not the only reason why I wanted to go back to Salzburg. I wanted to check out the castle too. 🙂

I left Munich and arrived in Salzburg around 10am. Its only a short trip from Munich so I had most of the morning and afternoon to look around before catching the train to Budapest at 3pm.

Like a lot of cities over here there is an old town area surrounded by the new bits that no one wants to see because they’re boring. Salzburg is no different all the interesting stuff is in the Old Town area. So I left my bag at the train station and headed over.

After a quick walk around and visits to some of the sights in the town I headed up to the castle. There are two ticket options for the castle. Entry with Rack Railway car up & down or Entry with walk up & Rack Railway down. I chose the latter option. I think if I’d know how steep the hill was I think I would have taken the railway car up. Its bloody steep and then there is still a further climb once you get through the gate.

IMGP0912 This castle is pretty old and originally began construction around 900 or so years ago. Its been heavily modified and added to since then with outer walls, moats, and towers added.

Up top is a fantastic panoramic view of Salzburg and the surrounding area and mountains. Well worth the trip up there. There is a torture chamber and dungeon. Although the torture chamber was never actually used for torture. Shame.

The railway down is a near vertical drop. When the car gets going you can escape that falling feeling and worry that the brakes aren’t going to kick in right before they actually do kick in and its a nice steady trip down to the bottom. Like a short roller coaster that only IMGP0938 goes down hill.

I continued wandering around the town for a while before heading back over to the train station to jump on the train.

The train between Salzburg and Budapest was very nice. Travelling along at 200km/h in comfort was great and the trip went by fairly quickly. I arrived in Budapest just before 9pm and started the process of working out how to get to the hostel.

Hungary doesn’t use the Euro so I had to track down an ATM and get some money out so that I could catch the metro. First I had to find out what the exchange rate was. They’ve got one of those currencies where their notes are in the 1000s. I withdrew 10,000 florint which works out to about $50 Australian. I still had no idea if that was a lot of money for Hungary or not. Turns out its pretty much like have $50 in Australia. Funny that.

So I made it to the hostel which was down a dark street with my pocket full of florints clinking away identifying my location. Not sure what its made of but its bloody noisy.

Anyway looks like theirs a lot of walking scheduled for tomorrow.


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