Day 35, 36 & 37 – Thats it I’m done.

Well I’m home. Its been a very long few days. I left Hamburg and travelled for 4 hours to Cologne. I then had another 2 hour wait for the train to Brussels. Unfortunately that was delayed and then even more unfortunately cancelled about 30 min into the trip. I then took a regional train to some place (I just followed everone else) and caught another train that landed me in Brussels a few hours later than what I originally would have.
It was a short overnight stay before jumping on the Eurostar (highly overated and way over priced) and heading to London.
To my amazement it was a warm and sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. So I decided to go and see London all over again.
Its a totally different place when its not cold and grey. The people are different, the scenery is different, its like going to another city. I pretty much went around and snapped all the places I’d snapped before (this time in colour!) and went for a long walk along the river down to the Tower Bridge. I even got to see it go up and down. I was actually wondering if it still did as I was walking across it. Turns out I’d just got through before they closed off the traffic.
I walked across the Millenium Bridge (the one that gets destroyed in Harry Potter) but thought it looked and felt a lot more stable then what they showed in the movie (yes I know it was just for the movie).
I walked down Oxford St which wasn’t all that great. Way too busy, and full of slow walkers. There was a new tent city set up in front Westminster/Parliament protesting capitalism. Capitalism made those nice shiny dome you know but hey.
The next day it was off to Heathrow. I left 5 hours before my flight. Which I was thinking was maybe just a little too excessive, but by the time I got to the airport, checked in, cleared security, and all that I had about an hour before check in started. The camera that I wanted to buy at the start of my trip was there at a really good price. Shame it wasn’t there 5 weeks ago. I also thought about buying an iPad but the store didn’t do duty free and I also wasn’t allowed to claim the tax back if I bought it from them. Weird.
The flight from London to Hong Kong was fine. I actually think Air Asia X was roomier the Qantas which is a little worrying. I don’t think the flight would have passed so quickly if I wasn’t able to use the entertainment system though. I watched a LOT of movies, and they fed my lots of crappy food too. Once we arrived in Hong Kong I had around 2 hours to look around the airport. Not a lot there and expensive. I had to guess when the check in time for the flight was. They show a time on the board but they don’t say if thats boarding or leaving. I thought it would be safer to go with the later and headed over to the gate 30min before the time listed on the board. Sure enough they had just started boarding.
So back on the plane, more movies, more crappy food, and a few hours sleep and I arrive in Melbourne. Customs have implemented some new self service gizmo where you can swipe your passport (must have a chip in it) and a camera does the whole face recognition thing and you’re through. It didn’t work for me. I got to the point where it said look at the camera, and while I was going, Camera? What Camera? Oh that Camera! Ha this is funny, should I be smiling or pulling this funny face? It failed and sent me to the assistance desk. I still got to skip the really long queue though so it was worth it. Bus, TRAM, home!
Its been a long trip. I wouldn’t exactly call it a holiday. It was a worthwhile experience with lots of never do agains and do agains in a hearbeat. I think next time will be a tour. I’ll let someone drag me around for a change. Although next time won’t be Europe and will most likely be Peru or something like that.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading along with me. Its been a good way of keeping track of where I’ve been. I’m sure I’ll be looking through my photos and thinking where the bloody hell was that and what am I doing there.
Yay for the Internet, Yay for Holidays, and Yay for home!


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