Plan? What Plan!

Only 37 days to go now, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m tinkering with the plan. Which isn’t too much of a problem I suppose as I always intended it to just be a mud map to invoke some sort of thought process. Hey what do you know it did!

Maybe I’ve just changed a bit in the last few months but I’m starting to heavily lean towards more new experiences rather than just revisiting some old ones. I really enjoyed my last trip to Europe and was probably hoping to recapture some of that.

I haven’t taken the knife to anything just yet but have thrown on some additional destinations and readded a couple that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to. Places like the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, Stonehenge, and the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are places that I don’t think I should miss. I can always drop Vienna which was just a stop gap anyway. I really liked Vienna last time but I think I’ve seen everything. I thought I might add Budapest on and see a different part of Europe. Something a little more Eastern. It may mean a few more nights on the Train but I’m sure I’ll be that buggered that I could sleep anywhere and through anything.

While trying to workout the cheapest way to see Stonehenge, and discovering the varying ways of how people define ‘cheap’, I came across a tour operator with a pretty good deal. For £49 I can get return bus travel, with a pick up that is close to my hostel, entry to Stonehenge, and entry to the Roman Baths with a guided tour. Considering the return train ticket to Salisbury was going to cost £30 alone + £11 for the bus out to Stonehenge, and then the entry fee to top it off this is a pretty good way to go.  Plus I get the bonus of seeing Bath as well all in a day. This package was with Anderson Tours. I’ve also seen a half day trip to Stonehenge with Premium Tours for £28 which is also very good if you’re not interested in Bath. I’ll have to keep my eye out for packages like these elsewhere and compare the cost of doing it myself or with a group.

I’d also like to see how much a public bus would be but the National Express site seems to be down at the moment.

Something else that has been playing on my mind at the moment is the transfer from Stansted Airport to my Hostel. There are plenty of options, train, bus etc but I just don’t know when I’ll actually be leaving the Airport. My flight doesn’t arrive in London until 10:30pm (all going well). Not sure how long it will take me to get through customs and the like. Both the train and buses need to be booked. So I need to know when I’ll be leaving to be able to book one. I can always go with the latest option but wouldn’t really like to be sitting around waiting for a bus when I could be in bed at the hostel.

Something will work out I’m sure….