Eurail Pass Get!

Purchased my Eurail pass yesterday. I’m very happy I managed to save some money by purchasing in euros and using the currency exchange perks of my credit card. I miss out on frequent flyer points but they probably weren’t worth the amount I saved anyway.

Thats pretty much all I have to pay for before I head off. I’ll be paying for food and accommodation as I go.

I’ve been scouring the Internet for cheap 3G data roaming for Europe. I’ve decided that there is no such thing and tends to be around $10 a day on average. On the flip side I’ve discovered that Free WiFi is pretty much everywhere in Europe. McDonalds (and soon Burger King) offer free WiFi at their stores plus a whole heap of cafes, bars, and hotels/hostels. So I should be pretty much covered in regards to Internet access. How hard could it be to find a McDonalds?

Also apparently its pronounced Wee-Fee in Europe. Lets hope they’re wrong about that one.


Credit Cards can be Good!

I love my Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercard. I got it 4 years ago specifically for use while I was overseas.

The best thing about this card is that there are no currency conversion fees and also no ATM withdrawal fees. On my last trip I didn’t exchange money for any of the countries I visited before I landed. All I did was walk up to the first ATM I saw and withdrew whatever amount I needed. Another perk of this card is that you can top it up with your own money otherwise you just pay interest like a normal cash advance on any credit card.

The good news is that 4 years later the same rules still apply! They also confirmed for me today that they use the current exchange rate as displayed on Awesome!

Now I just need to work out the best place to get my eurail ticket. Flight Centre wouldn’t come to the party as they don’t price beat a non Australian website. The discount that they were promising for their Travel Expo this weekend is also not happening.

Something interesting I found out is that you can choose to pay in Euro through the Eurail website. The current price for an Adult 1st Class 1 Month Global Pass is E$822. This converts to AU$1263 at the current rate on, and if like me, you have the Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercard, thats how much you’ll pay. This is a bit of a saving compared to their AU$ price of $1355 and much better than Flight Centre’s price of $1436.

So I’ll probably do that. Hopefully the dollar doesn’t plummet before I do. Since this post sounds like a blatant ad I think Wizard owe me a little something too! 😉