The wait is weighty

58 days to go now. Things have kind of slowed down a bit at the moment. Most things are organised that needed to be organised like flights, eurail ticket, mud map etc. Now its just a waiting game. I’m still scouting out hostels but mostly just to see whats out there. By the time I actually book I would say it will be somewhere completely different to the hostels I had on my list depending on availability.

I still feel my interest getting peeked when I read about or hear about a place thats not currently on my list. I can’t really add any extras and I’ve probably got too many on my list at the moment but it really is just a plan at this point. Nothing is set in stone. I’ll arrive in London, and following a well deserved sleep, will see where the wind takes me. ┬áThats the most important thing I wanted this trip to be about. Its about me and what I want to do!

I did read some very useful info on Rome and when to go to the Vatican and other busy attractions. Over at his blog has been very informative and made me feel a little more prepared for the chaos that is Rome. Can’t wait!

I’m currently watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand (awesome show) too which has got me all excited for Rome again.

Athens is another city I’m looking forward to seeing. Not so much for modern era Athens but for the ancient ruins that are the main attractions. Seeing the Acropolis is going to be something to remember. I’ll be there for a few days so I think I might try including a day trip outside of the city to explore more of the ancient Greek civilization.

I’ve found that typing ‘Things to do in *insert city name here*’ in Google has been a very handy way of finding out what there is (and what there isn’t in some cases) to see in the cities I’ll be visiting. Even more handy is ‘Free Things to do in *insert city name here*’!

Yep 58 days to go. Come on 57!