The Pre Trip

Well it has begun. You no longer have to put up with my endless countdowns you’ll now just have to put up with all the fun things I’ll be  doing instead! 🙂

So the trip began with a Tram, a Bus, and a Plane. No troubles at all. We were supposed to board the plane at 11:45pm but didn’t end up boarding until around 12:25am. We ended up arriving here in Kuala Lumpur early anyway so I’m not complaining.

I discovered it was a lot easier than I thought to make a trip into central KL so I decided to buy a ticket and come on in. It was a good chance to have a look at the varying scenery along the way. Its a mix of undeveloped, not quite developed, and over developed. Things seem to be cheap here, food and transport wise anyway, the return ticket to KL and back only cost about $7. So why not.

At the moment I’m sitting up in a Burger King in the giant shopping centre that is underneath the Petronas Towers taking advantage of their free WiFi. Unfortunately the spots for going up to the viewing platform are limited and the next available time was not until 4:15pm and I’ll be long gone by then. Definitely not something for the short stay itinerary but still worth coming over to have a look up close. They’re huge!

I’m going to be doing some video blogging here and there where I feel like it and there are not many people around to point and laugh at me talking to my phone at the wrong end on the wrong side.

I’ve got one for the Petronas Towers. Take a look and have a laugh at me sweating my pants off in the humidity. Note to self, wear shorts next time.

I have to head back to the airport in a couple of hours. Might have a look around to see if there is anything else to see around here. Its one more place that I can say I’ve been to anyway.

I’m holding my final judgment until I land in London but so far Air Asia X has been a pretty good experience. The seats are fairly comfortable (better than Tiger’s plywood and cloth seats) and they even recline! I didn’t get my meal that I paid for so I don’t know what happened there. They may have served something while I was asleep but why anyone would want a meal at 2am is beyond me. I expected they would serve breakfast. Can’t have everything I guess.

Next stop London!