Go Go Gadgets!

So amongst all my planning for the trip I realised how different technology wise this trip will be compared to my last trip 4 years ago.

Back then I took a mobile phone, a digital camera, and my ipod. Which is not exactly roughing it but this time around I’ll have a smartphone with internet, wifi, camera, music, video, and application abilities, a very portable netbook, and a digital camera. Same amount of devices but much more convergence and functionality than last time.

I don’t need to take my ipod this time as I can play and listen to the same music on my phone. I can store huge amounts of data and access the internet through wifi with my netbook, and back up my photos from the camera too.

Even though the phone has a built in camera I’ll still be using a standalone. Thats one area of convergence that they haven’t gotten quite right yet, but they’re getting closer.

Who knows what I’ll be taking on my next trip.

I’ve grabbed a fantastic app called NaviComputer for my phone. Its only available for Windows Mobile 6.x phones but it enables you to download and save maps onto your phone so that you don’t need to be connected to the internet to view them. Considering the cost of mobile 3G data roaming across Europe this app will be very handy. It will even show you your location if you have a built in GPS receiver. Check it out at http://navicomputer.com/

So only 65 days to go now. Things are really starting to come together!